TranZitionMe Health & Fitness

Our Staff

Fran Jackson - Owner/Operator

Fran is the owner/operator of TranZitionMe. She has her Personal Trainer Certification through the International Fitness Professionals Associations and Certification as a Colon Hydrotherapist through the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT). She teaches private yoga sessions which includes proper nutrition and physical exercise. Fran also had the privilege of training Ms. America 2010 Caressa Cameron. 

James Jackson - Managing Partner

James is accountable for effecting change and execution of TranZitionMe's strategies through the activities and priorities of the Management Team.  He presents a face and voice for the business and assist with the growth strategy.  James has a fitness and nutrition certification through the International Sports Science Association.

Britney Jackson - Group Yoga Instructor/ Colonhydrotherapist

Britney is an I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She also teaches different styles of yoga such as vinyasa, yin and meditation. Britney coaches in nutrition as well.  

About Us

Our Mission

  • TranZitionMe clients never have to wait for sessions. The client has their trainer/ technician’s undivided attention during their sessions.  
  • Our professionals use FDA state of the art equipment to safely conduct your sessions. 
  • We will tailor a program to help you safely reach your fitness goals through personally designed nutrition and exercise programs

Our Services

  • At TranZitionMe we offer Personalized services in Health and Wellness. 
  • We assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals through Personalized Fitness Programs, Colon Hydrotherapy, FIT Body Wraps, Nutritional Coaching, and FAR Infrared Sauna. 
  • Our services are designed to help you detoxify and change from one health and fitness state to another. 
  • We have helped many clients achieve their goals to include Ms. America 2010 Caressa Cameron. We were apart of making her dream come true.


  • Megan C. ***** Highly recommend!  Fran is very professional and knowledgeable, and the customer service is top notch.  
  • I've done three services there and am consistently impressed and pleased.  The place is very clean and the shabby chic decor makes it very comfortable.  
  • Privacy is also something held paramount with her business model, so it's a very personal one-on-one service and infrequently will there be others around. 
  • As for the benefits, I've done a series of five and am feeling amazing.  
  • I've done a lot of research on the linkage to your gut/digestive system and overall health and really believe I will get continued benefits from my time spent doing this therapy.  I plan to be a returning customer for years to come.


  • Lesa M. ***** This was the 3rd place that I've tried for hydrotherapy. I must say that it’s the best out of the rest. Fran is very knowledgeable and professional. 
  • The facility is very nice with a cozy feel to it. I highly recommend this place if you're on a mission to reach your optimal health goals. 
  • I've tried the hydrotherapy and fitbody wraps here and have been very pleased. I purchased a series of 5 colonics and been feeling a big difference since I started. 
  • Go on and checkout Fran and Britney to see all they have to offer to help you reach your health goals.


  • Rosalind P. ***** Fran is the best!  She is passionate about health and very professional.  
  • I have just completed my third colon hydrotherapy session and I feel fantastic. The colon hydrotherapy treatment and healthier eating are helping me return to a healthier me.  
  • I am sleeping better, my thoughts are clearer, I have a lot more energy and I have lost weight.  
  • If you are looking for someone who is deeply invested in your well-being, I highly recommend you visit Fran and TranZitionMe.  
  • I am one very happy and lifelong customer.


  • Evonne L. ***** This is a terrific company. I have been going to this company for the last 4 weeks. 
  • I have loss weight & inches off my body, gained stamina & energy, and most importantly lowered my blood pressure.  
  • I have been using the colon hydrotherapy and the body wrap. 
  • This system has vastly improved my general well-being. 
  • Fran and her staff are the best and I will be utilizing her services for a long time.